Outside Counsel Guidelines

Integrate with Intake

Central Management of OCGs and Terms

Increase Visibility into Firm Obligations

What has your Firm signed up for?

Intake Risks are Proliferating

Market trends are putting new pressures on firms

It's time to transform the way firms evaluate and engage new business

Terms of engagement and outside counsel guidelines must be proactively managed

Let's Check the Boxes on New Business Intake

Streamline Operations

Streamline New Business Intake

Improve Auditing and Adoption Simultaneously

Increase Compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines

Go with the Flow

Solve the Puzzle

Implement Master Data Solutions

Streamline all Data Integrations

Centrally Control and Fully Audit Data Movement

Connect your Apps

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Effective intake solutions are critial in today's leagl environment. Whether implementing Intake for the 1st time, or migrating existing systems to Open, we'll get you there on time, and on budget.
Flow is more than the technology behind Open -it's the modern Firms' core workflow automation platform. Built mobile ready, Flow will get your workflows moving.
Intapp Integrate, formerly Integration Builder, is the core component to building a reliable, auditable and flexible Enterprise Data Architecture.
Get ahead of your Firm's Outside Counsel Guidelines using Intapp Terms. Get your guidelines into a centrally managed repository to reduce risk and increase visability.